DIY Divorce or DUI Lawyer? Not A Good Idea, But Here Are Some Tips

We all want to save money, but cutting corners on legal representation is not a good idea, even in Scottsdale

Posted by Editor on August 4, 2022


Filing For Divorce Without A Lawyer in Arizona

If you want to dissolve your marriage in Arizona, the first step is to file a petition for dissolution with the court. Many people who want to divorce are forced to postpone filing because the costs of hiring divorce lawyers and litigating their divorce issues are prohibitively expensive.

In contrast, some people attempt to navigate the court process without legal representation in order to obtain a discount divorce but find it too complicated.

Working with a licensed legal paraprofessional (LP) can be a much more affordable option for receiving skilled legal representation during the process and pursuing a discount divorce, whether you plan to divorce with or without children.

There is now another option for divorce representation in Arizona. Stephanie Villalobos, LP of De Novo Law, is a licensed legal divorce paraprofessional who can handle most aspects of divorce cases and provide you with knowledgeable, skilled representation at a reasonable cost. She can provide more services than a divorce paralegal and is not required to be supervised by an attorney in her practice.

Legal Divorce Paraprofessional Representation vs. Divorce Attorney Representation in Arizona

Recognizing that many people cannot afford to hire lawyers and do not qualify for Community Legal Services, the Arizona State Bar created a new type of licensed legal professional that is one step above a divorce paralegal and one step below a divorce lawyer.

Legal paraprofessionals are people who have gained significant legal experience while working under the supervision of attorneys.

They can practice in limited areas of law without the supervision of attorneys once they are licensed as LPs. Licensed legal paraprofessionals work in the legal field in the same way that nurse practitioners work in the medical field.

Stephanie Villalobos was the first person in Arizona to be licensed by the Arizona State Bar as a legal divorce paraprofessional to practice family law. Ms. Villalobos worked as a divorce paralegal for several decades before becoming an LP.

She can provide legal advice, prepare and file documents and motions, appear in court on her clients' behalf, and handle litigation to resolve their outstanding divorce issues without needing to be supervised by an attorney. Her status as a legal paraprofessional allows her to provide far more services than a divorce paralegal, including handling the majority of her clients' cases.

While a family law attorney may charge an initial retainer of up to $10,000, Ms. Villalobos can provide highly skilled representation for a fraction of the cost of a discount divorce. Ms. Villalobos can provide the following divorce services that a paralegal cannot.


Affordable Scottsdale DUI Lawyers

Arizona is an amazing state that has seen tremendous growth in the last decade. As the population has grown, so have new businesses, attractions, and luxury housing developments, making Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, and Maricopa County the places to be. Law enforcement has also cracked down on DUIs in order to keep these cities safe. Local governments hope to deter drunk driving by increasing fines and instituting jail time. Call us right away if you require an affordable Scottsdale DUI attorney.

When confronted with an arrest, the first thing that comes to mind is your freedom. Then there are the financial concerns. Will you be laid off? Will you hire a private attorney or rely on a public defender? Arja Shah is here to help. Call us today to find out how we can assist you with an affordable DUI defense in Scottsdale.

Best DUI Lawyer in Scottsdale

Arja is frequently asked if she is the best Scottsdale DUI Lawyer. While we understand why someone would look for the best defense, Arja must always explain that there is no such thing as the "best" lawyer. It is critical that you find the best defense for YOU and YOUR situation. Arja Shah understands how difficult it is to be charged with a crime. This is why she takes care of you. Look at Arja's profile. Alternatively, contact Arja for a confidential consultation.


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